Green Ridge Wealth Planning Adds Chief Investment Officer, Jordan Kaufman, CFA, CFP

I am noted for saying the 2 most important components of a strong relationship are communication and transparency.  The heart of that statement is the relationship that I build with my clients.  As the business continues to grow in all the right ways, I want to make sure I stick to my mantra.  I have been interviewing and working to find the right person that shares my values and ethics, that can challenge me intellectually, and will fit into the culture that we have developed over the years (enter Jordan Kaufman, CFA, CFP).  Jordan and I have been discussing our individual businesses as part of an advisory group and investment council for the past 2 years.  Over those past 2 years, we have developed a relationship of trust.  It is with great excitement that Stacia and I welcome him to the firm.  Additionally, we are excited to bring Jordan’s clients into the family to bring them the added value of our organization.

How will things change?

Short answer: for the better.  Our ability to divide and conquer will allow us to be better stewards of your financial plan, tax planning and investments.  He and I share a remarkably similar approach and will work in coordination with one another to bring you the best results. We are not trying to be a volume-based firm where our clients become just a number.  I will still be the face and strategy of your plan and our relationship, but with a strong team behind me I will be able to work at my peak without getting bogged down with some of the tasks other can do better than me.  Everyone will meet Jordan, he will be engaged, but I will still be your point of contact.  You are not allowed to like him more than you like me! ????

What is the future of Green Ridge Wealth Planning and what other changes do you anticipate in the future?

Thoughtful growth with a team approach.  I have had a tremendous number of referrals from my existing clients, which has been the backbone of our growth.   The fact that my clients have trusted me enough to refer me to their inner circle gives me great pride.  I will never forget that, and I am driven to only do better to keep and grow those relationships.   We are not looking to bring in advisors to run their own client business.  This firm was designed to be a family, so we will always have a common goal, know all our clients, and continue to build and grow personal relationships.  We love our clients, and we do not want to lose that connection!


Jordan Kaufman, CFA, CFP®:  Chief Investment Officer

Jordan is a long-time resident of Ridgewood with his wife Justine.  They are both active members in the community, volunteering and participating in charity and local events.  Jordan and Justine both loved the experience of growing up in a special town like Ridgewood, and both enjoy seeing their daughter Colette go through similar experiences.

Jordan is very engaged in his community, including: the board of trustees for West Bergen Mental Healthcare, the board of Ridgewood A.M. Rotary club, the board of the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce, the board of the Ridgewood High School Alumni Association, and is Chairman of the Ridgewood Central Business District Advisory Committee.

Jordan holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation from the CFA Institute and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®).

Previous Roles:

  • Wealth Advisor:                                            OPT Advisory
  • Portfolio Manager:                                        Oppenheimer & Co
  • Vice President, Asset Management:            Goldman Sachs
  • Senior Investment Analyst:                           Satovsky Asset Management
  • Trader/Research Analyst:                             Davis Capital Management
  • Trader:                                                           Hold Brothers Capital, LLC

George Washington University:  BAS Economics and Statistics

Columbia University:  Master’s degree, Statistics

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