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Green Ridge Wealth Planning offers a comprehensive approach to Financial Planning and Investment Management to help business owners, individuals and families Plan-Grow-Preserve™ their wealth. We can help you stress-test your retirement income, rest comfortably without being concerned about market volatility, advise on how best to use your money, guide you through the sale of your business, execute stock options, implement an investment strategy or spending plan, and much more.

No Hidden Fees No Commissions No Hidden Objectives

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Wall Street Experience, Main Street Mindset

A mentor of mine once told me, “There are people in this industry that have tout 25 years experience.  The reality is that they really have about 5 years experience that they have been carrying for 20 years.  Be the advisor with the depth and complexity that your clients deserve and make each year of experience count.” 

This team was built, and continues to grow, with that advice always in mind.  

Financial Planning Services

Green Ridge Wealth Planning offers a range of customized services to business owners, individuals and families, including wealth, business, investment and divorce planning.

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Resources & Guides

We provide the resources needed to inform our clients and keep their portfolios current throughout market fluctuations, life changes and other unexpected variables.

Green Ridge Wealth Planning


Business Owners

Individuals & Families