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Our belief:

Clients trying to attain their goals often get lost in the world of commissions, fees and information overload.   There are 2 things that are most important for us and our relationship with clients:

  1. Transparency
  2. Communication.

Good communication and  transparency clear the air for a healthy relationship in helping our clients attain their goals.



Your Goals are Our Business

We founded our group with a single mission in mind: to work as trusted financial guides in partnership with individuals and business owners on their journey to create and live meaningful lives for themselves and their loved ones.  As a client-centered practice, we are committed to our clients’ success and to empowering them with valuable knowledge and advice. 

By taking the first step with our firm today, you will be rewarded with a greater understanding of sound financial planning concepts and investment insights. We seek to help you improve your financial well-being so you can focus on what’s most important, living life to the fullest. 


GRWP vs. Other Wall Street Advisors:

When it comes to providing financial services, it’s not just business as usual. It’s personal. Our goal is to help you feel welcome in our office and confident with the recommendations we make.

As an independent firm:

  • We have have no proprietary products.  Independence provides us more options to help you meet your goals.
  • We have no corporate goals to exceed or awards to win.  Our focus is our clients!
  • We vet out the best technology and partners to give our clients the security of knowing their information is safe and our resources are sound.  These partners include some of the largest and most recognizable firms in the business.
  • We don't take orders from our parent company, like most big firm advisors, and our research is not proprietary.  There are no Wall Street expectations we have to hit.
  • You want research?  We subscribe to third party research from Goldman Sachs, Morningstar, City National Rochdale and others to support our guidance.  We are always working for our clients, first!
  • Our clients can feel secure with the option of Charles Schwab or Fidelity as their custodian

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Robert J. Mascia, CFBS

Our Founder & CEO


Robert founded Green Ridge Wealth Planning with the intention of bringing his clients the type of financial planning experience his clients deserve and not an out-of-the-box solution that most advisors give. 

Robert graduated from Lehigh University with a BS in Finance and a BS in Marketing. After a few years in the financial industry, Robert joined his family business franchising restaurants. He spent almost a decade in the business growing it from 20 to 40 locations and managing over 300 people. 

Not growing up in the advisory business and owning his own businesses gives him a different perspective from other advisors.  His mission is to make his clients successful in life by working in their best interests, not with corporate sales goals or commissions driving his recommendations. 

family 2018 Robert Bobby Mascia

Now, he guides business owners, family businesses, individuals and families as they identify their financial objectives. From there, he helps them implement the strategies necessary to attain them. He believes in a comprehensive approach to financial and business planning, collaborating with teams of professionals to work towards his clients future readiness, which he has labeled "Powered by Wealth-ficiency™"

Robert is highly-qualified for the services he provides, as he is certified in Business Succession Planning and is a Certified Family Business Specialist. He is also a business owner himself, meaning that he understands the dedication, determination, and passion it takes to be successful.  Strategizing with his clients and witnessing their successes are what he finds most gratifying about his career.

In addition to a growing business, Robert enjoys spending time with his family. His wife, two sons, and daughter keep him busy playing, running around and coaching sports. He is also involved in the Essex County Bar Association and dental residency programs throughout New Jersey.

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The Team

Virginia Hourihan

Director of Client Relations

Constantina Koulosousas

Estate, Special Needs, Elder Care Attorney

Robert Greulich, CPA

Tax Advisor and Consultant