We’re in the Business of Helping Our Clients Realize their Financial Goals.

Financial Service Planning

Plan. Grow. Preserve.

Our financial, legal, tax and mortgage partners work together to ensure your long-term financial health, evolving plans through every stage of your personal and professional lives. We also leverage our relationship with Charles Schwab to securely hold your money and utilize the latest resources, research and technology.

We look at your entire financial ecosystem and create a strategy to leverage it for your long-term financial success. That means investments, business income, retirement plans…these are the puzzle pieces that will form your financial future. We can consult, or we can take over the day-to-day of your asset management. Either way, our goal is to maximize your wealth.

Our Services

Investment Management

We focus on three components that are key to the longevity of your investments.

Time: When you’ll need cash in the short-, mid-, and long-term.
Tax: Planning for annual, tax-deferred and tax-free investments.
Risk: Managing investment selection to minimize your overall risk.

Financial Planning

We plot a course for your financial goals by creating a Life Map, focusing on three stages of financial health, which can also include Life Goals, College and Charitable Planning.

Journey: The accumulation of wealth pre-retirement.
Destination: The preservation of wealth in retirement.
Legacy: The transfer of wealth to future generations.

Business Planning

To meet the complex needs of business owners, we focus on three specific areas.

Strategic Services: Continuity planning to balance business and personal wealth.
Employee Retention: Retirement, income and deferred compensation plans.
Exit Strategy: Valuation, sale and succession planning.

Business Retirement Plans

We help business owners plan, retain and increase value within their business by focusing on defined contribution plans, benefits plans, pooled account plans and participant-directed plans.

We then create an annual plan to service your employees.

Divorce Planning

We carefully help our clients navigate this difficult and delicate time.

From pre-divorce settlement planning to post-divorce planning, we help our clients reset after this major life change, bringing clarity to the decisions that need to be made for the financial health of our clients and their loved ones.

Special Needs Planning

We help our clients advocate for loved ones with special needs, whether a child or adult.

We provide compassionate representation and counsel as we help navigate financial, medical and social needs by developing comprehensive plans that ensure their safety, security and quality of life.

As a Fiduciary, We Do Fees Differently

How Much Do Financial Planners Charge?

When you work with a financial planner at a big Wall Street firm, a portion of your fees goes to the financial planner who manages your account, and the rest of it goes back to the home office. That’s why most managers need to recruit as many clients as possible. With Green Ridge Wealth Planning, your team is the home office. That’s how we’re able to spend the time with our clients to give them the service they deserve.

Green Ridge Wealth Planning offers a range of options, including à la carte services, which allows us to create a financial plan for our clients without the ongoing management of their assets. Fees for these services begin at approximately $3,500. If we are engaged to manage your assets, the financial planning fee is included in the management fee, which is determined by the amount of assets managed. The account minimum for asset management is $500,000.
Planning Only:
$3,500 - 7,000
Business Planning:
$10,000 - 40,000
Planning and Investment Management as a Percentage of Assets
*Fee includes financial planning and management fees
$300k - $500k
$500k - $1m
$1m - $3m
$3 - $5m
$5m +
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