Planning Through a Divorce

Fresh Start Program

Why do we focus and specialize in divorce?   About 40-50% of US families divorce.  A life you hoped was forever falls apart, and sometimes not because you chose divorce.  The worries our clients have are about their kids, families, cash flow, what people with think of them, and how do they tell everyone?  Most are spending more money then they thought and are concerned about the bleeding cash flow effecting their savings. 

Because it is such a complicated matter , having the right professionals on your side is crucial.  Most often, the relationship you have with professionals is managed by one spouse.  The person that needs our help isn't that person.  The person that needs our guidance is the one who is looking for a fresh start.

The pre-divorce settlement planning is crucial.  You now need to know what is required to sustain your lifestyle.

The post-divorce planning is putting the wheels in motion.  The original plan that was decided upon needs not to be reworked with a fresh new framework.  These "fresh start" clients are often concerned about loyalty, privacy, and the advice they will be given apart from their former spouse.   We work in a fiduciary capacity to help you identify all you need in order to sustain your lifestyle and your new family goals and help to build a professional team around you that is looking out for your best interests.

divorce is hard, and sometimes brutal. complexities are both emotional and financial. trying to figure it all out seems impossible. We try to relieve the financial burden for the "fresh start" spouse that needs new professionals for the right advice.

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