When you close your eyes and imagine your future, do you feel you have the plan that will get you there? 

Then it's time to create your *Life Map

We help you make more informed and effective financial decisions that will allow you to feel relieved, confident, self-assured, and empowered - so you feel good about your wealth. 

*Life Map? A life map is composed of tailored solutions to help you reach all your financial goals

On-Boarding Process for Clients


journey Green Ridge Wealth Planning

The Journey: Accumulation

We craft strategies reflective of your long term goals, yet mindful of the short term risks and opportunities that arise along the way, addressing:.

  • ​Comprehensive asset allocations
  • ​Concentrated positions and executive compensation packages
  • Monetization of privately held businesses
  • Cash-flow planning and cash management
  • Liability management
  • Retirement income strategies
  • Income tax planning

The Destination: Preservation

We view risk management as the key ingredient not only in preserving capital, but in growing capital as well. Our services include:

  • An extensive analysis of your risk appetite and the development of a prudent corresponding strategy
  • Introducing asset classes with historically low-to-negative correlations
  • Utilizing hedging strategies where appropriate to further diversify exposures
  • Identifying and managing the taxability of the overall financial plan
  • Addressing inflationary pressures on lifestyle and income objectives
  • Working closely with insurance professionals to ensure proper levels of coverage
green ridge wealth planning
Green Ridge Wealth Planning Legacy

The Legacy: Transfer

We support client efforts to ensure that the wealth transfer process has a beneficial impact on future generations, passing not just monetary value but the unique goals and values of the family. We incorporate:

  • Multigenerational wealth transfer strategies
  • Charitable giving strategies
  • ​Next generation financial education and financial planning
  • Asset and income replacement strategies
  • Business succession planning

How does GRWP plan our future?

We start by:

  1. Clarifying our fee structure and explaining the different ways we can help.
  2. Analyzing your goals and finances
  3. Recommending solutions designed to help you achieve those goals.

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