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Your Investment Manager Is Going To Hate Us.

If you’ve ever had a shadow of a doubt about how your investments are being managed, you should have an independent third party analyze your portfolio.

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Green Ridge Wealth Planning is a fiduciary. That means we have a legal and ethical obligation to put your financial interests before our own. We don’t take commissions, we don’t sell products, and we have no hidden objectives. We focus solely on wealth management. Our free independent review will give you an unbiased analysis of how your investments are doing, and how they could be even better.

How Much Are You Missing Out On?

Imagine you have around $500,000 invested.

With a 6% return, you’re making $25,500. Not great.

But with a 8% return, profit increases by $14,500 and you’re making $40,000.

And with a 12% return, profit increases by another $20,000 and you’re making $60,000.

So, are you sure you’re positioned to get the most out of your investments? Our free analysis will tell you where your growth opportunities lie and what you need to change today to maximize your returns tomorrow.
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Here’s Where You Might Be Going Wrong:

“Diversification” has become a crutch: Simply investing in an index fund probably won’t unleash the maximum potential of your investments. It’s the easy way out, and that’s not how the most successful investors play the game. You could easily be leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table.

You’re overinvested: In some cases, people are too tied up in one type of investment, and it’s actually holding back their potential returns. Imagine if half of your portfolio was only earning you 5-6%...yikes.

You’re underinvested: This means obvious opportunities aren’t being taken advantage of. A lazy or uneducated investment manager could cost you a TON of money by missing the trends.

What You’ll Receive (Totally Free):

  • A thorough and confidential evaluation of your Statement of Holdings by Robert J. Mascia, CFBS and Jordan Kaufman, CFA, CFP®
  • A private 60-minute call with Robert and Jordan to discuss our analysis
  • Open Q&A with Bobby and Jordan during the call Actionable recommendations to maximize your specific investments
  • Ready To Put Your Doubts To Bed?

    Our analysis literally costs you nothing, but it could unlock hundreds of thousands of dollars of returns over the course of your lifetime. The only thing holding you back is the quality of your investment strategy. Sign up today, and within a few days time you’ll know exactly how good your current strategy is.
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    Looking to Hire a Financial Advisor? Watch the Video Below to Discover the Top 5 Questions You Should Be Asking.

    Our Team

    Robert J. Mascia

    Robert J. Mascia, CFBS


    Robert Mascia, Bobby, founded Green Ridge Wealth Planning to offer his clients boutique, highly personalized financial planning and investment management services. Bobby lives in Basking Ridge, NJ with his wife Brooke, sons Aidan and Danny, and daughter Riley. In his spare time he coaches his boys in competitive sports, plays softball and enjoys cycling and mountain biking.

    Why Create GRWP?

    • His goal was to create a firm that was free from commissions, so that when you do better, the firm does better.
    • He realized that the difference between successful people that built a strong financial foundation and those that lived spoon to mouth was good advice from a team of trusted professionals.

    Bobby’s Role as CEO:

    • Helping the firm’s clients strategize on how to most efficiently attain financial freedom through planning and investment management
    • Positioning the firm and its resources to give our clients best in class results
    • Strategizing with business owner clients to make the most out of their largest asset
    Education / Certifications:
    • Lehigh University: B.S. Finance , B.S. Marketing
    • Certified in Business Succession Planning
    • Certified Family Business Specialist (CFBS)
    • Consultant for asset management firms and hedge funds, including Martin Zweig
    • Corporate real estate analysis for Thompson Financial
    • Owner / Operator of over 40 successful franchise and independent businesses
    Jordan Kaufman

    Jordan C. Kaufman, CFA, CFP

    Chief Investment Officer

    Jordan Kaufman is our numbers guy, as you can see from his Masters in Statistics from Columbia University, CFA and CFP designations. Jordan spent his career in hedge funds and institutional asset management, giving him perspective few in the financial advisory field have. Jordan joined GRWP as Partner and CIO in 2020, sharing with Bobby the same passion for his clients, vision for the firm, and entrepreneurial spirit to adapt and evolve to the ever-changing world and needs of his clients.

    Jordan lives in Ridgewood with his wife Justine, daughter Colette, and Penny and Odie, the family dogs. Jordan is an avid golfer, paddle competitor, and volunteers his time with local charities, is on the board of trustees for West Bergen Mental Healthcare, and is an active member of Ridgewood A.M. Rotary club.

    Jordan’s Role as CIO:

    • Knower of all things market and economy related
    • Portfolio creation and risk management
    • Financial planning and tax management
    Education / Certifications:
    • George Washington University: B.A.S. Economics and Statistics
    • Columbia University: Master’s degree, Statistics
    • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
    • Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)
    • Wealth Advisor - Opt Advisory
    • Portfolio Manager - Oppenheimer & Co
    • Vice President, Asset Management - Goldman Sachs
    • Senior Investment Analyst - Satovsky Asset Management
    • Trader/Research Analyst - Davis Capital Management
    • Trader - Hold Brothers Capital, LLC
    Stacia Lupinacci

    Stacia Lupinacci

    Director of Client Relations

    Stacia Lupinacci is a career client service professional. Upon graduating from Montclair State University with a B.A. in Business Management, she started her career with Gucci as Account Executive managing relationships for the firm. Stacia left New York to run her marketing business and is an entrepreneur at heart and understands business owners. You will see she brings all of those strengths to her role at GRWP as the Director of Client Relations.

    Stacia currently works with clients to ensure they are brought into the Green Ridge Family and helps to facilitate those relationships as they grow with the firm. Her warm personality, diligence, and intelligence helps to build the Advisor/Client relationship into a long-lasting friendship.

    Stacia lives in Cedar Grove with her husband Andrew, son Andrew, and daughter Samantha. She is an active member within her community, working with her chamber of commerce and other local organizations and charities.

    Stacia’s Role as Director of Client Relations:

    • Securing all clients are walked through our 8-week onboarding process and is welcomed into the GRWP family
    • Administration needs for all clients, including account opening, calendaring, and account management
    • Assuring all clients are scheduled for reviews and receive communication from the firm throughout the year
    Education / Certifications:
    • Montclair State University: B.A. Business Management
    • Account Executive - Gucci
    • Marketing Entrepreneur
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