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Are you trying to determine if you have enough money to create the financial freedom to live life on your own terms? How do you improve your life or your financials so that you can afford to attain your life goals?

Use this interactive calculator to get a feel if you are miles off, about there, or have plenty of run-rate!

Asset Type - Let's see how much you have accumulated through your savings. Indicate below an estimate for each field.
Liability type - If you do not have a home and a mortgage, just put the total amount of debt that you carry and are responsible for outside of normal expenses. 
Income type - What you're earning annually and what do you expect to get in social security.
Additional Savings per year until retirement - Are you saving on a monthly basis into investments? If so, multiply your average save by 12 and enter it into the field. 
If you are withdrawing money to help supplement your spending, then put that number in as a negative.
Years to Retirement - The age that you no longer want to rely on working for an income minus your current age. 
Tax Rate Fed + State - Your average taxable percentage of income will vary by the amount you earn and state income tax you pay and laws at the time.

Be conservative with your guesstimates. Conservative numbers will mean you are preparing for the worst, but always expect the best!
Savings and Investment Calculator

Asset Type

Liability Type

Income Type


What you can see is a guesstimate of what your assets could produce for you to supplement income after retirement. 

Post Retirement Investment Value - Assumes you get an annualized rate of return of 7% including any savings or spending based upon 

Additional Savings/Spend Per Year Until Retirement  - Your current Net worth is what you own minus what you owe. Based upon the estimated tax you put below, the two spend rows are guesstimated amounts that you spend per year based upon your income and savings.
Disclaimer: This is a simplified calculation for entertainment only and should not be deemed financial advice or guidance. If you would like to see how your financials play out using a full financial plan, please contact us. Scenarios based in the calculation may not be indicative of your current situation and should be reviewed by a professional.
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