Planning Through a Divorce

Pushing the Reset Button

Why do we focus and specialize in divorce?

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About 40-50% of US families divorce.

A life you hoped was forever falls apart, and sometimes not because you chose to divorce.  The worries our clients have are about their kids, families, cash flow, what people with think of them, and how do they tell everyone?  Most are spending more money than they thought and are concerned about the bleeding cash flow effecting their savings.

Because it is such a complicated matter , having the right professionals on your side is crucial.  Most often, the relationship you have with professionals is managed by one spouse.  The person that needs our help isn't that person.  The person that needs our guidance is the one who is looking for a fresh start.

The pre-divorce settlement planning is crucial.  Your new lifestyle will come with a different income and different spending plan.  Knowing what it is that you will need to sustain that lifestyle makes a difference in how you approach your divorce.

The post-divorce planning is putting the wheels in motion.  The original plan that was decided upon needs not to be reworked with a fresh new framework.  These "resetting" clients often want a new advisor because they are often concerned about loyalty, privacy, and the advice they will be given apart from their former spouse.   We work in a fiduciary capacity to help you identify all you need in order to keep the comforts you are accustom to.  Let us help you define your new family goals and help to build a professional team around you that is looking out for your best interests.

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Divorce is hard, and sometimes brutal. Complexities are both emotional and financial. Trying to figure it all out seems impossible. We try to relieve the financial burden for the "Resetting" spouse that needs new professionals for the right advice.


Pre-Divorce Agreement Planning

We work with your attorney to make sure all financial aspects are being looked at for your best interest

Pre Divorce Green Ridge Wealth Planning

Equitable Distribution Analysis

"When this is all done, what am I going to have to sustain my lifestyle?  And....Where is all of the money and how do I find it?"

Sometimes fair and even are two different things.  The proper financial analysis can help advise you the best division of assets and the income you need for your successful Fresh Start.  Tax ramifications can be overlooked when assets are being settled.  We will work with you and your CPA to determine the best course of action.  We also have a CPA on staff to help if you do not have one.

White Glove Service

"My head is too preoccupied to deal with the financial aspect of this divorce" -or- "I haven't managed my own finances in as long as I can remember.  Who is going to take the time to help me?"

Preparing for a new life can be frightening.  We help to relieve that stress by walking you through your new spending plan, your new income,  having all of the technicalities set up, and a plan to define this in the most simplest way.  We are here to hold your hand and empower you to take your new Fresh Start.

Financial Planning

"Am I going to have enough and how and where should I be investing?"


We work with you to create the goals and strategy to allow you the financial freedom to understand certain boundaries you may need to live within to attain your goals:  everyday life, retirement, education for the children, charitable, estate planning or legacy wishes.


Post Divorce Green Ridge Wealth Planning

Post Divorce Planning

Your financial concierge for life

Implementing the Plan

"What do I do next?   How do I manage everything?"

If we were not involved in pre-divorce planning, we will create the plan with you using the agreed upon distribution to help you understand how to reach your goals.  We will then work with you to incorporate the strategies we recommend that you are on board with.

Your lifelong Confidant

" How am I going to handle all of this on my own? "

We hope to work with you and your future generations to guide you through the complex financial decisions we all come to face through life.  We are not looking for customers, we are looking for life long clients

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