Business Retirement Plans


"I want tax deductible savings!"

"I want to retain employees!"

"I'd rather give my money to my employees than the IRS!"

These are things we hear all of the time on why businesses want retirement plans.  We understand how to help business's maximize the intention of their retirement plans.

GRWP Can Help

Unlike banks and insurance companies, we have no sales quotas, bonuses, or proprietary products.  We are our reputation, where transparency leads the way.  We are fiduciaries!

 Taxes – If tax efficiency is your goal, then we will help to educate you on the options you have to create the plan that is right for your business

Retention Plan – A financially sound employee is less likely to look for the next opportunity.  It’s GRWP’s job to entice them to contribute and build for their future.  That is our expertise.

 Our service – We will outline the need of the business before you hire us, we will create an annual plan to service your employees, and we will hold all of the professionals (those that you will need to make the plan run) accountable.

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When looking for the right plan, there are a lot of specifics to think about, including the costs/benefits associated.  Below are the different types of plans to consider.  Some plans will allow you to put more away than others.  Some plans are better for bigger firms, some for smaller.  Some plans are based on profit, some on age.  There are different tax deductions to consider as well.  Here is a list of options:

Defined Contribution Plans -  Participant decides what they want to contribute with no guaranteed payments in retirement

  • 401(k)
  • Safe Harbor
  • Profit Sharing
  • New Comparability
  • KEOGH Plans
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP's)

Defined Benefits Plans - A lump sum or payment guarantee at retirement

  • Keogh
  • Pension Plan
  • Annuities

Pooled vs Participant Directed and the Professionals Involved

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