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What is a trust and do I need one?

If you are like most, than you have questions on how trusts work and if they are right for you.  

 Trusts can manage how you leave assets to your family. This video shows how Trusts can create and preserve your legacy. 

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 In response to the significant changes to the tax deduction rules under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), many taxpayers are searching for ways to recover some of the tax benefits associated with itemizing deductible expenses that have been eliminated. Taxpayers who were previously able to lower their tax bills by itemizing may want to consider using a “bunching” strategy, which generally means either accelerating or deferring deductible expenses so that more of these expenses fall in a single tax year rather than in multiple tax years. 

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Vacation Home: The Ultimate Hideaway

 Are you dreaming of a mountain cabin or an oceanfront bungalow hideaway? Then you may want to consider that a vacation home can offer some tax savings. Whether you choose to use the home solely for enjoyment or combine business and pleasure by renting the property part-time, it is important to understand the tax laws for a second home. 

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