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What Legal Docs are Important in a Pandemic and Post Pandemic World?

What do you think is the most important legal document to have in a crisis like the one we are currently in?

Bobby Mascia, CFBS, CEO and Founder of Green Ridge Wealth Planning hosts the first session of Advisors in Jeans. We are breaking through the news and internet noise to give you the cold hard facts and how they affect you!

Coronavirus has us all concerned about our mortality, and worse;  What if we, or family members, may be too incapacitated to make legal or financial decisions?

In this episode, Constantina Koulosousas, aka Deana, demystifies what and why you should have certain legal documents in place. Are you concerned about your kids, your ability or members of your family to make financial decisions if you are too sick, or the taxes you may have to pay if you don't plan accordingly? Do you have kids over 18 that aren't married? What if they get sick, can you get their medical status? Perhaps you have younger children, do you know what happens with their guardianship

or temporary guardianship if you are incapacitated? What about the family finances? Do you have aging parents? Seeing them, checking in on them, making sure they are cared for? Can you get their medical status if they end up in the hospital? Do you think your spouse has the rights if something happens to you and you can't make medical decisions or financial decisions? If so, you may be wrong and it may be more stressful than speaking with an attorney to get the right docs drafted.

Get the real answers from a real pro!

If you have more questions after you watch the video - Contact us. You can find out more about Deana at or at

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Price Gouging Rules in COVID-19


Damien Conforti, Esq - We had Damien on because he knows his stuff, has a great team, and can speak using every day language, not getting caught up in legalese and jargon.  This is an IMPORTANT topic for everyone - CONSUMERS AND DISTRIBUTORS

What we spoke about:

Items in the pandemic - Where are products coming from?  Are they legitimate?

Essential and non-essential goods- be aware of your rights.  If you feel there is price gouging, you need to report it.  What does that mean?

Distributors - know what legal steps you need to take to protect yourself. What do you have to be concerned with?

If you didn't sell a product before pandemic and now you do (N95 masks, sanitizer, items in high demand) what is it that you need to do?  There are reporting requirements that you may not be aware of.

Damian P. Conforti, Member
Mandelbaum Salsburg P.C.
d. 973-243-7996 | m. 973.214.0925 Bio

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