July 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to the first GRWP Quarterly Newsletter

I hope you are enjoying your summer!  To add more value and color to our communications, I look forward to providing you with a quarterly update that we will email, post on our site, as well as add them in with your quarterly statements.  These are to keep you abreast of market news that is relevant, firm news, fun facts, and commentary on things going on that quarter.

The change to Fidelity:

Our clients come to us with a picture in their head of what their future looks like.  It is our job to give them the planning and advice that will help make that picture a reality.  That is how we came to the mission of the firm:  Helping our clients reach their goals by advising them in all aspects of their financial life, not just investments.

Part of that mission is staying true to our client’s needs.  The benefit of working with an independent firm is that we have the ability to make changes based upon such needs and feedback.  Technology from LPL was not holding up to our standards and we needed to make a move.  With that, I am pleased to announce that we have partnered with Fidelity to custody our accounts.  Fidelity will be a great partner so that we can leverage some of their industry leading technology, products and research.  Everyone will receive a new username and password for the Fidelity site.  We believe this will help you form an overall experience, as well as help to drive some of the fees lower because we will have access to more fee compressed etf’s and funds.

Technology Enhancements

I am also proud to announce another reinvestment I have made into the firm:

Black Diamond – Better Reports!  Connectivity with other accounts at other institutions, if you choose to use it.  This benefit will allow us to see what other investments you have so that we do not overlap in strategy as well as allow you to keep track of it all in one spot.

Emoney Planning - software we upgraded at the beginning of the year that includes the Morningstar Advisory Research integration, will open up the technology experience for those who chose to leverage these tools.

If it is too much tech, that’s ok!

The real benefit is how we use it on our side to provide you with the best level of service and results. 

Remember, you can always go onto our website, www.grwealthplan.com, to connect to all your portals!

We want to make sure you are comfortable with the software you are interested in using.  I would like to schedule time to go over with you how it all works.  You can schedule a call with me at your convenience by going on go.oncehub.com/robertmascia and picking a time that works for you.  If we don’t hear from you in the next 30 days, Ginger will reach out to schedule something.


We have been working on getting everyone scheduled in the beginning of the year for all of their reviews for the calendar year moving forward.  We have yet to perfect that process, but I ask that everyone please take a quick 5 question survey to help us improve this process.  This will be sent out in the next week via email.

New to the Firm!!

I am happy to announce that we have added a new member to the firm that will help with Client Relationship Management. Some of you have already heard from or have met her, Virginia “Ginger” Hourihan.  Ginger has joined the team as of May 29th.  Her role is to assist with most of your needs to enhance your overall communication and experience with the firm.  She has spent her career working with executives in banks and pensions as an executive administrator.  She is extremely pleasant, professional, and capable to help assist you with most of the needs you may have.  I believe your interactions with her will meet the expectations I have just set.  I have included her picture and bio for your reading pleasure.  Kim’s role has changed, and she will be helping with other projects within the firm.  She is excited for the extra help and will start redirecting most of the client relationship items to Ginger.

We will have more exciting news as the year progresses.  Stay tuned!

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Speak with you soon!

Robert J Mascia, CFBS

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