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Wall Street Experience, Main Street Mindset.

Green Ridge Wealth Planning was founded by CEO Robert Mascia to offer individuals, families and businesses personalized, strategic financial planning and investment management services. Unlike most financial planners, we are not tied to any one financial institution. We are an independent firm of licensed fiduciaries who have only our clients' best interest in mind. We have carefully vetted a team of advisors, including financial planners, mortgage professionals, tax advisors, estate planning specialists and business strategists, to offer our clients comprehensive services with clear communication, total transparency and the utmost integrity.

Our Philosophy

As an independent firm, we focus on one thing—our clients’ finances. We don’t sell investment products, we don’t provide loans, we have no corporate goals to exceed, we don’t have an investment banking division, and we don’t charge commissions. Larger firms are incentivized to hold voluminous client books. The more clients, the less individual attention each client receives. We are not a volume-based firm. What we do is highly personal. Our focus is you, your family, your business and your investments.

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Green Ridge Wealth Planning has vetted a team of specialists in their field to offer clients top tier consulting services and financial advice—or what we call our model of Wealthficiency™. We work together as a team to provide a comprehensive solution for all of your financial needs, coordinating our efforts to save you time and money while reducing your risk and exposure. Our services include retirement planning, asset and estate planning, college planning, business strategy, and much more.
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Our Team

Robert J. Mascia, CFBS


Robert Mascia, known as “Bobby” to loved ones and clients alike, is a serial entrepreneur with a unique background working both on Wall Street and as an owner of several successful businesses. As such, he offers financial insight to business owners that can only be learned through years of first-hand experience. Bobby founded Green Ridge Wealth Planning to offer business owners, individuals and families a boutique, highly-personalized financial planning and investment management experience.

Why Create GRWP?

• His goal was to create a firm that was free from commissions, so that when you do better, the firm does better.
• He realized that the difference between successful people that built a strong financial foundation and those that lived spoon to mouth was good advice from a team of trusted professionals.

Bobby’s Role as CEO:

• Helping the firm’s clients strategize on how to most efficiently attain financial freedom through planning and investment management
• Positioning the firm and its resources to give our clients best in class results
• Strategizing with business owners as a business owner with an entrepreneur mindset
Education / Certifications:
• Lehigh University: B.S. Finance , B.S. Marketing
• NJBiz Leader in Finance 2024
• Certified in Business Succession Planning
• Certified Family Business Specialist
• Forbes Finance Council 2022
• Consultant for asset management firms and hedge funds
• Corporate real estate analysis for Thompson Financial
• Owner / Operator of over 40 successful franchise and independent businesses

Jordan C. Kaufman, CFA, CFP

Chief Investment Officer

Jordan Kaufman is our numbers guy, as you can see from his Masters in Statistics from Columbia University, CFA and CFP designations. Jordan spent his career in hedge funds and institutional asset management, giving him perspective few in the financial advisory field have. Jordan joined GRWP as Partner and CIO in 2020, sharing with Bobby the same passion for his clients, vision for the firm, and entrepreneurial spirit to adapt and evolve to the ever-changing world and needs of his clients.

Jordan lives in Ridgewood with his wife Justine, daughter Colette, and Penny and Odie, the family dogs. Jordan is an avid golfer, paddle competitor, and volunteers his time with local charities, is on the board of trustees for West Bergen Mental Healthcare, and is an active member of Ridgewood A.M. Rotary club.

Jordan’s Role as CIO:

• Knower of all things market and economy related
• Portfolio creation and risk management
• Financial planning and tax management
Education / Certifications:
• George Washington University: B.A.S. Economics and Statistics
• Columbia University: Master’s degree, Statistics
• NJBiz Leader in Fianance 2024
• Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)
• Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)
• Wealth Advisor - Opt Advisory
• Portfolio Manager - Oppenheimer & Co
• Vice President, Asset Management - Goldman Sachs
• Senior Investment Analyst - Satovsky Asset Management
• Trader/Research Analyst - Davis Capital Management
• Trader - Hold Brothers Capital, LLC

Stacia Lupinacci

Director of Client Relations

Stacia Lupinacci is a career client service professional. Upon graduating from Montclair State University with a B.A. in Business Management, she started her career with Gucci as Account Executive managing relationships for the firm. Stacia left New York to run her marketing business and is an entrepreneur at heart and understands business owners. You will see she brings all of those strengths to her role at GRWP as the Director of Client Relations.

Stacia currently works with clients to ensure they are brought into the Green Ridge Family and helps to facilitate those relationships as they grow with the firm. Her warm personality, diligence, and intelligence helps to build the Advisor/Client relationship into a long-lasting friendship.

Stacia lives in Cedar Grove with her husband Andrew, son Andrew, and daughter Samantha. She is an active member within her community, working with her chamber of commerce and other local organizations and charities.

Stacia’s Role as Director of Client Relations:

• Securing all clients are walked through our 8-week onboarding process and is welcomed into the GRWP family
• Administration needs for all clients, including account opening, calendaring, and account management
• Assuring all clients are scheduled for reviews and receive communication from the firm throughout the year
Education / Certifications:
• Montclair State University: B.A. Business Management
• Account Executive - Gucci
• Marketing Entrepreneur

Danielle MacRae

Director of Operations

Danielle MacRae has held a career in the financial industry since 2007, working to assist individuals and families attain their financial goals. In her pursuit to further her education in financial planning, Danielle completed the Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional (FPQP) designation from the College for Financial Planning in 2021.

Danielle prides herself on her ability to dive into the details with clients, helping them to better understand how financial decisions change their outcome. At Green Ridge Wealth Planning, she helps analyze records, develop client strategies, and provide guidance to clients’ to assist them in realizing their vision. Danielle is an effective communicator, highly-analytical and client-oriented, making her invaluable to GRWP clients and team members alike.

Danielle lives in Randolph, NJ with her husband Jimmy and daughters Madison and Avery. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family in nature, including going for hikes and soaking up sunshine at the lake.

Danielle’s Role as Director of Operations:

• Executing base plan creation for GRWP client financial plans utilizing our powerful, interactive projection software, RightCapital
• Providing superb client service, including meeting needs, and helping when tough questions need answers
• Driving the process for ensuring all new clients complete our planning program
Education / Certifications:
• Caldwell University: B.S. Business Management
• Caldwell University: B.S. Marketing
• Caldwell University: Master of Business Administration (MBA)
• Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional (FPQP)
• Client Relationship Manager – The Astorino Financial Group
• Director of Client Services – Locker Financial Services

Donald Anfuso

401(k) specialist

Luciano Betman

Client Account Associate

Leigh Buchmann

Executive Assistant

Sean Cole

Investment Analyst, WMCP

Steve Decoite

Controller, Accounting

Wendy Deer

Chief operating officer, family office

Kerry Langan

Team Administrator, Client Liaison

Jessica Lascar

Director of Marketing

Brandon Sisk

Investment Analyst, FPQP

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • “Bobby, Jordan and team are like having a huge financial services juggernaut delivered in a small and mighty team. That means you get sophisticated investment advice combined with personal attention. Strong investment returns mixed with personalized financial planning to help you meet your long-term goals. And they provide proactive, consistent communication to keep you engaged in your financial well-being.”
    - Ted G.
    “Amazing group of people to work with. Class, excellence and professionalism. There is a family feel to everything they do. Highly recommended!”
    - Kevin C.
  • “My husband and I have been working with Bobby for close to 5 years now. I can honestly say that we would not be where we are today if we did not have Green Ridge Wealth Planning on our side.”
    - Nicole W.
    "Bobby, Jordan and Stacia are exceptional and extremely professional. Questions are answered quickly and emails are returned same day. Short term and long term planning is provided and a clear path will be presented to you in easy to understand language."
    - Jim S.
  • “Bobby, Jordan & Stacia are a dream team to work with. They are a wealth of knowledge and have helped us immensely manage our income and investments. Most beneficially, they have helped grow our portfolio performance significantly in the past year and plan for an early retirement.”
    - Amy L.
    "It’s not just because Bobby and his team are extremely knowledgeable and experienced. It’s because they are also incredibly kind, trustworthy, and patient that makes us so glad they are our financial advisors for over five years now. I highly recommend them!"
    - Karla
  • "The team at Green Ridge has done a great job working with me to help identify and target my goals. The communication is fantastic, I am clear on their thought process, I love that they have an opinion and are really follow the markets. I not only trust them as advisors, but I refer them!”
    - Steve D.
    “I have had the privilege of working, collaborating, and socializing with Bobby over the last seven years. In addition to having in-depth knowledge, Bobby is an individual who does not rest until a solution is found. With this determination, knowledge, and fortitude, Bobby has excelled in his field. These characteristics and his firm’s responsiveness and attention to detail are just a few of the reasons I continue to recommend Bobby to our firm’s clients.“
    - Brian G.
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